Life is a Journey. Not a Destination

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ஐ I believe that everything happens for a reason & that we should give everything a chance because we never know where life will take us ஐ

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"That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second."

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Orioles beat the Blue Jays 8-2 on 9/16/14 to clinch their first AL East Championship since 1997. First clinch at home since 1969.

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"The thought of laying down beside you gets me through the day. I’m not trying to make this some bullshit middle school romance where I doodle our initials in some poorly drawn heart. Knowing I get to lay down with you and talk about whatever we might want until whenever we want is the most secure thing I have. And when I wake up at 4 AM and hear you breathing beside me, oh god don’t get me started on how that gets me through life, even on my worst days"

- Just like this makes no sense at all, neither does life without you (via brennanat)